Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's OK to cry

When they leave you so lonely and no thought seems to comfort you, It's OK to cry

When tears sting the lonely and your empty heart aches, It's OK to cry

When your question you ask is why my heart breaks, It's OK to cry

When all around hurts so and just too much to bear, It's OK to cry

When you ask yourself why my heart is full of fear, It's OK to cry

When all that surrounds you is hopeless and sad, It's OK to cry

When nothing else helps you even after trying, IT'S OK to cry

When you feel everything inside you dies, It's OK to cry

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ka thin a rim a

Tunhnai mai khan ka teammate Pune ami nen kan inhnial chiam mai a. A thusawi tam tak kha dik mahse ka thin a rim tlat a. Kan inhnial dan hetiangin:
(Kan conversation hi Mizo tawng a leh a ni)

Vainu: Nancy, kan office ah hian North-east hmeichhia kawm tur i nei silova, South-Indian ho kawm mai loh chuan duhthlan tur pawh i nei lo a nih hi.

Me: Pawi ka ti hran lo. College ka kal lai atang tawhin ngaiah ka nei tawh.

Vainu: Anih chuan typical North-east hmeichhia ang chuan i khawsa ve lovang a....

Me: Enge typical North-east hmeichhia i tih awmzia?

Vainu: Hei, pawlawh deuh a nung a, pawisak nei lo leh "craze for bikers"

Ka sa tan up up a. Ka ngawi vung vung a.

Vainu: Ka thianten "Thildang thiam lovin, club ah an lam thiam em em ringawt a." an ti a, a ni em ni?

Ka thin a rim tawh lutuk a. Pune ah club a awm leh awm loh pawh ka hre chuang lo va, finfiah pawh ka tum hek lo. Ngawihbo mai ka duh zet a mahse ka thin a rim em avangin ka insum thei bik lova.

Me: Pune nula zawng zawng hi in fel famkim em?

Vainu: Almost all.

Me: A dik ang. Fel loh hlau reng rengin in nun in hmang a, in nu leh pa te hmaah perfect loh in hlau em em bawk. Keini chu kan ni ve lo. Nungchang tha neih leh mi hmaa fel taka awm hi kan tum ber a ni lo.

Vainu: Nu leh pa te in van zah lo em em. Bakah hmeichhe tan chuan nungchang that tluka hlu a awm lo.

Me: Kan nu leh pa te aia zah kan nei lo mahse puitling kan nih tawh chuan "Ti rawh, ti suh" min ti reng lo. Mahni tana tha hre turin kan naupan lai atangin min enkawl daih tawh. Kum 13 kan nihin Mizo hmeichhia te phei chu eirawng kan bawl thei vek tawh, inchhungkhur hna kan thawk thei vek tawh bawk. Nang, choka ah i che thiam em ni? Inchhungkhur hna i thawk thiam em ni? tunah pawh hian

Ngawih a chuh ve ta.

Vainu: Pasal ka neih dawnah ka in zir dawn alawm. Evening class kalna tur a tam mai.

Me: (Nui chungin) Keini chu class zawng zawng a rintlak ber nu leh pa te'n min zirtir vek tawh. Chuvang chuan club a lam chauh lo pawh thildang tam tak thiam kan nei ve e. Tin, bike te pawh lawm deuh pawh an awm ang. Bus tawt deuh chuang ai te chuan tupawn kan thlang vek ang chu....

A nui ringawt. Min chhang peih tawh lo nge pawh ka hre lo. Vai hrim hrim hi ka hnialpui peih ngai lo reng reng a, Mizo society an sawi tawh lek phei chuan ka ngawi mai zel. Mahse tun tum zet chu ngawih har ka ti ve khawp mai. Heti khawp hian ka Mizo pui leh North-east hmeichhe pui te ka lo tan tih pawh ka lo hre ngai hauh lo.

Tlangkawmna: NRMG (Non-Resident Mizo Girls) hi sawisel leh rel chiam te hi bansan deuh ila. Zilh ngai chu hmaichhanah zilh mai tur MAHSE thatna lai leh felna lai te hi kan nei ve teuh a nia.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Its been a while since I

  • stood in a Queue for booking train ticket.
  • decorated Christmas tree.
  • withdrew cash from bank.
  • went to STD booth.
  • wrote a love letter.
  • broke my head for semester exams.
  • had a late night girl's talk.
  • went to cyber cafe.
  • wore puan.
Mahse somehow zanin heng ho hian ka lung an ti leng lutuk. Most of them, I have done a lot in the past but maybe the world has changed or I have changed. Ka hre bik lo le.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bob hunting

It was past 8 o'clock and I was exhausted. I was just relaxing in my quiet living room when I saw something just moved quickly in a fraction of seconds. I turned towards the corner where I last saw. And then I heard a 'bang', it was obvious something hit my guitar. I moved closer and closer. My heart stopped beating for a second - a tiny thing jumped out of nowhere and flew towards my kitchen.

It was so small, I could hardly make out if it was a cockroach or a mouse or a strange insect. But the character and the smell was familiar. It was a mouse. "Damn it, I have a mouse in my house!!!"

Since then, I feared my own place and anything that moved inside my house scared me. And I hate anything or anyone with a heartbeat and a blood staying in my house for weeks, except for lizard which I somehow find it cute.

Almost a month now, I realized Bob (I named the damn mouse after Phoebe's rat in F.R.I.E.N.D.S) was a smart creature. He neither touched the rat poison which I kept in all corner of the house, nor he touched the piece of meat I kept in the rat trap. He kept running around the house, feeling so homely as if this is his territory.

One fine night, as I was sleeping I felt something was moving in my quilt. I threw myself so fast, Bob fell on the floor and ran quickly towards the corner. "That's it!" I said. "I am not able to sleep for months because of you, freak". I took my cell phone and called my friend to come over.

Me, my guest, David (who was sleeping in my living room) and the friend I called were inside my small room. Door locked. The hunt started around 12.30 AM. Bob kept running, we kept chasing. We literally took out everything from my room and still we were not even close to Bob.

We gave up at 2AM. I kept my stuffs back to their place and my friend was about to leave my house. Just then Bob appeared again out of no where and gave us one more chance to catch him. I did not really remember what happened in that 30 second when my friend shouted, "I got it, I got him".

I fled and looked at Bob, who was my roommate for a while. He was so tiny as my friend squeezed him to death with his own hand. I believed he had a good life with me after all. And I also believed that his spirit took off somewhere while we threw his body in the street far away.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I realized

1) I am not a team player @ work.

2) I have gained weight after vacationing in Aizawl for 10 days.

3) I need a pedicure immediately.

4) Facebook has become more interesting than Orkut.

5) I am not keeping in touch with my old friends.

6) 85 bucks per bottle is not a matter of joke.

7) I miss my family more than anyone.

8) I started to like cooking.

9) When I looked in the mirror, I am not growing any younger.

10) I need to pray more.